Materials Recovery Company

M R C 材 料 回 收 公 司
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Materials Recovery Company,  located in Troy, NY,recycles metals recovered from municipalities and other governmental organizations, and resells these metals to domestic and international consumers. We have the expertise to produce these materials in a reliable and efficient manner.


Our management team has extensive knowledge and experience in the materials recycling industry, and we work hard to ensure a quality product. Our objective is to enable producers to maximize the value of their materials while providing a consistent product to customers. We regularly consort with companies in several countries around the world, including China, India, and Belgium, and are currently expanding our markets.


Our experience provides us the ability to maximize recycled materials revenue for an unusual grade of metals. The result is decreased costs and increased revenue for your company.  We pride ourselves on providing consistent and courteous service, and we feel that getting to know our buyers and understanding their needs has helped us to build long term, trust based, relationships. 


由里卡帝先生(Jim Riccardi)于1995年建立MRC 公司位于纽约州特洛依城(Troy, NY),是纽约州主要的生活垃圾分类回收公司。公司与位于科罗拉多的矿业学院合作共,率先采用涡流系统,筛分和冲击技术,从政府无害化处理后的生活垃圾中,回收铜、铝、不锈钢等金属。