Materials Recovery Company

M R C 材 料 回 收 公 司
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Our goal at MRC is to produce a consistent, quality, product for our customers.  We have managed to maintain this standard through hard work and dedication in all aspects of our business.   As a result we have been recognized by and admitted to several organizations that set standards in the metals market.  Our President, Jim, is on the board of the Empire State Chapter of ISRI, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.  ISRI sets the guidelines and standards for the quality to which products need to meet in order to be classified as nonferrous scrap, and from there what product they will be classified as.
     We have also been issued certification by AQSIQ, the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the Peoples Republic of China.  This certification allows us to export material to China based upon the trust that we will only export products that meet the standards agreed upon between buyer and seller.  AQSIQ works in cooperation with another Chinese administration known as CCIC that inspects each individual shipment that is to be exported in order to ensure that the agreement between buyer and seller has been properly executed.



Jim先生作为ISRI (北美废物回收行业协会) 纽约地区常务理事,致力于回收行业的质量认证。MRC公司产品完全满足ISRI 质量规范。公司还获得中国质量监督检疫局AQSIQ认证,和CCIC北美公司保持良好合作关系。