Materials Recovery Company

M R C 材 料 回 收 公 司
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Materials Recovery Company was founded in 1995 to develop markets for materials that are disposed of and difficult to process. As a startup company we utilized our local knowledge pool and worked with students attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to develop a state of the art processing system. MRC has also partnered with the School of Mines in Golden, Colorado in exploring new recycling technology. 

     As we continue to expand our international market into Eastern Europe and China, we have successfully maintained the satisfaction and needs of our customers. Most recently we have obtained documentation from the Chinese government permitting us to import/export directly so that we may serve our Chinese clients more expediently.  

Products Iines: 


     A) Red Metals:

              1) 2# Copper

              2) Black Honey Brass

     A)  铜废料

             1)  2号铜

             2)  黑蜂铜

     B) Aluminum and Zorba

              1) Plus 1/4 Inch Fines

              2) Shredded Aluminum

              3) Zorba 85

              4) Zorba 80

              5) Zorba 75(small)

     B)   铝废料

              1)  碎铝屑()

              2)  碎铝屑()

              3)  Zorba 85 

              4)  Zorba 80

              5)  Zorba 75(碎)


     C) Others

              1) Stainless steel  18-8

              2) Irony Aluminum 

              3) Motor Windings

     C)   其他产品

              1)  不锈钢18-8

              2)  电机

              3)  小电机