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M R C 材 料 回 收 公 司
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Shredded Incinerated Aluminum
Recyclable concentrates of shredded, incinerated Aluminum scrap metal in pieces derived from mechanical fragmentizing. All material sold "AS IS, WHERE IS", loaded vehicle, NOT on a recovered basis.
 Size approximately typically 1 inch to approximately 6 inches.  The following metallic yields are an historical approximation and are not guaranteed to be an actual representation of current or future yields shipped. The material will be dry and not to contain more than 4% maximum free zinc, <1% maximum free magnesium, approximately 0.5% maximum free iron and stainless, and approximately 3% copper. Not to contain more than a total of approximately 2% maximum of non-metallics. Any variations to be sold by special arrangements between Buyer and Seller. Historical metallic yield of the metal recovered through the furnace is 88%+/-. 
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