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Auction Type: Spot Sealed-Bid




Date   报价日期:2009-05-06

Expiration Date      报价有效期:2009-05-12

All of our materials are within ISRI quality specifications

产品符合ISRI 规范要求

Payment Terms

30% deposit after contract

T/T remaining after document  

Description    产品

Price  per MT2204lbs

单价 /每吨(1000kg

Quantity Available


#2 Copper



Motor Windings

$660(FOB Troy)

$780(CNF Ningbo)***

$790(CNF Guangdong)



Zorba 85

Aluminum 68% - 75%; Brass 3% - 7%;

 Copper 1% - 3%; Zinc Up to 1% 

Stainless up to 1%; Lead - less than 1%.

$1035(FOB Troy)

$1155 (CNF Ningbo)***

$1165(CNF Guangdong)



Plus 1/4


Aluminum 49 - 55%;

Brass/Zinc 3-6%              Copper 4 - 7%;



Black Honey Brass


Cu72%  Zn 20% Fe<1%



Stainless Steel 18-8


similar to 304



*    L/C with commercial invoice, Scale ticket, certification of origin and CCIC


** The accurate price varies according to the freight charge  


*** A surcharge of $300 or more for CCIC certificate

     CCIC 费用由买家承担,1个集装箱$3002个集装箱$400

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